Dogetry is a poetic exploration of the bond between dogs and humans. Written by Aaron B. Jackson, it is inspired by Annie and Reggie, a Bichon Frise and a Chihuahua/Pug mix, who were rescued in Los Angeles and moved across the country with the author and his wife. A poetic exploration of the powerful relationship between humans and their canine friends, a relationship both universal and extremely personal, Dogetry expresses the power of dogs to win hearts and become valued family members, providing unconditional love and lasting friendship. Some of the poems in Dogetry have previously been published in The Bark Magazine, Pawsh Magazine and other publications. Written over a ten year timeline, Dogetry is a reminder of how rewarding it can be to rescue a dog… or two.

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Aaron Middlepoet Jackson In Cloud City Press Anthology

The poem Clang Of The Dog Bowl by Aaron Middlepoet Jackson (Aaron B. Jackson) will be in the first poetry/flash fiction anthology released by Cloud City Press. The anthology will be released at 7:00PM on the 29th of November at Common Good Books. Common Good Books is located on Grand and Snelling Ave in St. Paul, MN across from Macalester College. If you are in St. Paul, check it out.