Published Works


Full-length Collection:
Dogetry, Middlepoetry Press, November 2017

Publications and anthologies:
-“St. Chad Stanza” Written for St. Chad Festival Sunday, St. Chad’s Episcopal Church, February, 2023
-“A Poem of Thanks” Written for Folk Mass with Liturgical Folk, St. Chad’s Episcopal Church, November 2022
-“Family Reading” Abandoned Mine, February 2022
-“Coastal Communication: A Mother and Son’s Moving collaboration” With Jane Jackson Daily Good, June 2019
-“Defendable Dog” The Furious Gazelle, July 2017
-“My Neighborhood” Babbling of the Irrational, June 2017
-“I Remember” Babbling of the Irrational, September 2016
-“Strength” San Francisco Peace and Hope Issue 5, September 2016
-“Eleven Years” Breaking Free, An anthology from Scripting Change, March 2016
-“ChiKu” The Prompt Literary Magazine, December 2015
-“Marking Rebellion”, “Man Invisible” Section 8 Magazine, October 2015
-“Dying Parent” RoguePoetry Review 2015, An anthology from PunksWritePoemsPress, September 2015
-“Jasmine Joy” Babbling of the Irrational, July 2015
-“Broken Blue” Ampersand Literary, June 2015
-“Minimum Wage” The Social Poet, May 2015
-“Taser” The Social Poet, May 2015
-“The Economy of Time” The Insomniac Propagandist, April 2015
-“Undocumented Tutor” Beyond the Words, An anthology from Scripting Change, December 2014
-“Fantastic Decision” Pawsh Magazine, Fall 2014
-“The Letter B” Remarkable Doorways, August 2014
-“Dirty Fingernails” TimBookTu, July 2014
-“Empty City Street” San Francisco Peace and Hope Issue 4, June 2014
-“Newsflash” Buck Off Magazine, May 2014
-“Spring Recline” Pawsh Magazine, Spring 2014
-“Shaving Dad” The Tattooed Poets Project, April 2014
-“Expensive Dirt” Rogue Particles Magazine, March 2014
-“Shaving Dad” The Furious Gazelle, January 2014
-“Flummoxed” Instigatorzine Vol. 21, December 2013
-“Face” Coalesce Magazine, December 2013
-“Sick it Seems” Seeing Past Sickness, An anthology from Scripting Change, November 2013
-“Without Power” Pawsh Magazine, Fall 2013
-“The Revolution Will Be Poeticized” The Social Poet, August 2013
-“Gentrifying Nomads” Contraposition, August 2013
-“Woman Wife”, “Corruption Outside” The Forgotten Issue, August 2013
-“History Woven”, “Night of Stars” The Forgotten Issue, July 2013
-“Held” Like One: Poems for Boston, An anthology to benefit The One Fund, June 2013
-“Perch of Cat” Jersey City Independent, April 2013
-“Inhabiting Wall Street” The Social Poet, March 2013
-“What Animal I Would Be” Mercury Retrograde Anthology, Kattywompus Press, March 2013
-“Coffee Bubbles” The Whirlwind Review, February 2013
-“Irene” Runaway Parade, February 2013
-“Tea Timed” Timepiece Literary Journal, December 2012
-“Clang of the Dog Bowl” All I Want to Do Is All I Want to Do to Your Brain, Cloud City Press, November 2012
-“An Afternoon Game”, “Catch” Baseball Bard, November 2012
-“Dental HMO” Fat City Review, October 2012
-“Right Field Inspiration”, “Baseball Is True Ballet”, “Why They Play” co-written with Jane Jackson, Baseball Bard, March 2012
-“And Dog Makes Three” The Bark Magazine, September 2011
-“Tea Timed” The Nu Bohemia, June 2011
-“Coastal Haiku”, “Walking Buddy” Four and Twenty Journal, April 2010
-“In a Moment” Vwa: Poems for Haiti, edited by Lisa Marie Basile, March 2010
-“Slumber” Word Catalyst Magazine, March 2010
-“Classified”, “Mathematics”, “Skid Row Streets” Unhoused Voices: Granting Change for the Homeless, Sabella Press, August 2009
-“I’ll Be Your Huckleberry”, “Hollywood Interview” The Commonline Journal, July 2009
-“Have You Seen My Girl?”, “Things That Are Getting on My Nerves” Afterword Magazine, July 2009
-“Democratic Transition”, “Mixed Me” A Brilliant Record Magazine, December 2008
-“Motion in Music” Halving a Baby, December 2006
-“Hollywood” Joey Magazine, September 2006
-“Trouble in Her Whisper”, “Summer Evening”, “Elegance”, “Last Night” Bare Back Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006
-“Meta-Middle Love Poem” The Written Voice, March 2006
-“Mythic She” Bar Back Magazine, December 2005
-“Refrain” Humdinger Zine, November 2005
-“Downtown at Night” The Los Angeles Journal, October 2005
-“City Streets” Tales from the Heart of Hollywood, June 2005
-“Six Wishes” The Hudson Current, March 2005
-“Window”, “New Jersey Transit”, “Melted Pot”, “Last Night”, “Dreams, Drool and Her”, “For Those Who Have Moved On”, “Ashes of Genetics” The Waterbug Hotel Digest, Summer/Fall 2004
-“City Streets”, “Canned Sardines” Take Magazine, April 2004
-“Gossip” Brew Ha Ha Anthology, 2003
-“The Duality of Me” Burlington Slamthology, Summer 2000

-Semi-Finalist, PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship, 2006
-Recipient of two grants from the Puffin Foundation, 2005 and 2004
-Named Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ, June 25 2004
-Second place Poetryshelf month long poetry slam, March 2004
-Burlington Political Slam Champion, Burlington, VT, March 17th 2000

Mixed Media:
-“Age” Photography and poetry collaboration with Roya Movafegh as part of the A Moment In Time project, August 2014
-“A Dear John Letter to Hip-Hop” in collaboration with Jan Tompkins as part of the Tupac Project, original photo by Chi Modu, May 2011

–National Poetry Month Contest Judge, Jersey City Independent, April 2015
–COA (Connecticut Office of the Arts) Poetry Fellowship Judge, April 2013
–Notes & Grace Notes Poetry Judge, December 2008

-“Commands” The Written Voice, April 2006
-“Drugs and the Corner (Mid-Wilshire At Night)” Bruise Magazine, March 2006

-“I’m Tired” Weerai Music Company, March 2010
-“Newsflash”, “Things That Are Getting On My Nerves”, “A Dear John Letter To Hip-Hop” 20 Dissidents, Winter 2007

-Photo included in Day in the Life JC exhibit curated by Honey and Moon Photography, October 2016
-Photo of Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles, Schmap, March 2011
-Photos of Vermont, Border Hopping, February 2010

-Performed in an episode of “B Side” for Starz in Black, 2005
-“Numbers” Public Service Announcement written and performed by Aaron B. Jackson, directed by Rich Newey and Tamim Nashir, 2004

Voice Over:
-Freshpic theatrical ad campaign, July 2005
-Raptools, music business legal guide, April 2005