A poem by ABJ and Jane Jackson (His Mom!)

Jane Jackson and Aaron B. Jackson

It seems that only children skip

Spryness of youth

A miracle from a distance

Like a feather

Or a rock skimming the water

Captivated by carelessness

Random acts of living

Limitless like imagination

Hop-skip, step on a crack

Sing songs of joy

Heedless of listeners

Skeptical of strangers

The unknown breaks the chain

One ring around one rosie

All others fall down

Giggling all the way


Dora plays with Bert and Ernie

They ride The Great Space Coaster

Elmo still tickles the funny bone

While Wockets his in pockets

Any Rudy Clint smiles from the Cabbage Patch

Books become castles

Or hop scoth path

Followed by Muppets

Its still not easy being green

Especially when lady pigs know kung fu

And the Yellow Brick Road turns red

A balloon floating away

Endless joy on a cloud

A puff of dragon

Concealing Luke’s skywalking

If only in his youth

When Chairy beckoned at the end of each day

With a final good night to the moon.

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