People Practicing Poetic Politics Politely Prying Prayers Promising Pristine Purple Poppies Passing Potions Proportionately Peeling Petunia Petals Phonetically Prescribed


Middle Making Magnificent Magical Moments Mindfully Mixing Memories Mythically Moving Mountains Metaphorically Mechanizing Mathematical Minions Mining Minerals Miraculously

Middlepoet (Aaron B. Jackson) and Jan Tompkins-Jackson Contribute to the Tupac Project

Jan Tompkins-Jackson and ABJ collaborated on an interpretation of a photo of legendary rapper/actor/entertainer Tupac Shakur as part of the Tupac Project. The original photo was taken by Chi Modu, poem by Middlepoet and graphic design layout by Jan Tompkins-Jackson. Special thanks to Chi for making this project possible. Also special thanks to Tupac for his profound artistic influence. Click the link below to see the Tupac Project.

Click here to see the Tupac Project!

Jan and I collaborated on an interpretation of a photo of Tupac as part of the Tupac Project. It is my poem and her design talent. Check it out here. Special thanks to Chi Modu for making this project possible!